Homestead Estates Home Plus Philosophy



Homestead Estates Home Plus will honor each residents desire to maintain their home, by allowing residents to personalize their private living space & care. Residents can furnish their room with their own curtains, and bedding.

Respect of Personal Space

The boundaries of the person and their home are clear and respected. Each resident is provided with a private or semi-private room. Caregivers knock and are acknowledged by the resident before entering into the personal space just as we would do when visiting a neighbor.


Ritual, spontaneity, friendship, spirituality, celebration, recreation, choice, interdependence, art and humor are all manifestations of a culture of grace. Many of the day to day activities revolve around the desires of the residents. Each morning breakfast is followed by daily devotion. Daily outdoor time as the weather permits is enjoyed by many who reside at Homestead Estates. Celebration of holidays with family involvement and traditions. Birthdays are celebrated by the resident choosing the menu for the noon meal, if they are unable to their family is involved in the selection. Frequently you will hear singing by one or several individuals in “The Lounge”. Many times they are singing their favorite hymns.

Caring Staff

The people who live here are loved and served by a responsive & highly valued service team who desire the creation of relationships with residents and families. Staff are encouraged to become familiar with the daily pleasures of the residents and encourage those pleasures throughout the day. Staff are engaged with the residents during meal time. The staff not only prepare the home-cooked meal, but they dine with the residents as a family.


We build strong community with one another, our family, our neighbors and our town. Residents as well as family members become familiar with those residing at Homestead Estates. Family are involved in birthday and holiday celebrations and are welcome to dine with their loved ones.


Home-Like Atmosphere

The building and its amenities are designed to be like home. Private space includes the resident’s room which they are allowed to decorate as they like to give a sense of HOME. Each room is equipped with phone hook-up and DIRECTV services. Private bedrooms have a shared bathroom with one other resident. Semi-private bedrooms have a share bathroom with their roommate. Bathrooms include a roll-in shower, toilet and sink with ample space. Residents who desire a bath access the spa room which is equipped with a whirlpool jetted tub and hair sink. Residents may have their hairdresser come to Homestead Estates to provide salon services if they choose. Community space includes “The Lounge” where residents can enjoy community TV viewing, access to games and crafts and piano playing. “The Lounge” is where residents typically dine as a family for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served as the resident’s desire, they might enjoy their favorite breakfast beverage as their breakfast is prepared or they may choose to wait for other residents before they have their meal. 


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